About Dovanu


Meet your next best-loved organic cosmetics brand.

Dovanu is a premier skincare and cosmetics brand that cares both for the skin and the planet and that is produced by Dovanu Cosmetics, a company based in Canada. In fact, we’ve made a deliberate and conscientious choice to develop world-class products formulated using natural ingredients free of synthetic or man-made substitutes. Our ecological and socially responsible mission extends into our work to increase awareness about the deterioration of our biosphere and global social-economic inequality. And throughout it all, we hope to usher in a new era of change in the way consumers interact with their cosmetics brand.

Introduced in 2019, our signature skincare balm, Nilotica Silk, contains 100% pure organic vegetable fat extracted from the rare Vitellaria nilotica tree in East Africa. Nilotica Silk offers a silken texture and soft natural aroma derived from pure ingredients that nourish, soothe, soften, and protect the skin. Nilotica Silk is packaged in eco-friendly materials and a stylish glass jar completed with a natural bamboo lid and a wooden applicator stick, all in a recyclable Kraft paper box. Nilotica Silk has also acquired Ecocert ORGANIC COSMOS certification, a badge granted to companies only after a rigorous validation process. This is just one more way we affirm our commitment to ensuring international recognition for our organic cosmetic line.

Dovanu Cosmetics continues in its efforts to introduce innovative, premium organic products shown to effectively address some of the most common skin challenges.

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